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Welcome to this business site that will explain some things about me and will also be an opportunity for you to read my work in progress: Mavium Saga. Hopefully you will be able to learn something about me and my writing style.

If in an employer in the Portland, OR area, please write an email to me at

If you are someone that is interested in my book and want to write me an email, please write me at

My name is David Mitchell. I am a dedicated, hardworking, team player. I am excellent with people and am willing to learn what is not in my knowledge. Please view my resume and notice that there is room for me in your business.

As you can see. This is a new site that has been put on the web. I must thank tripod Site Builder for their help and I thoroughly enjoyed putting my site together.

This site was made and updated on 4/19/2005.

Hey, keep in touch. I would enjoy any appropriate emails. Please be courteous and realize that this is a sight that everyone is welcome to.

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